1.  What form do I need to send in to become a member of the Cincinnati MLS?

The Licensee Membership Application (Licensed) or the Non-Licensed Personal Assistant Application for Membership.

2.  When are the Cincinnati MLS semi-annual dues due?

October 1 and April 1

3.  I need to activate my Electronic E-key?

You will need to contact the MLS/SentriLock office (513-842-3037) and request they authorize your access.  They will send a link to your email where you can create your SentriLock account.

4.  I received a notification from the Listing Data Checker, what do I need to do?

Read the notification through, the notice has specific instructions on what is missing and /or required information being requested.

5.  When do I need to mark my listing Pending?

The listing status should be changed to Pending within 3 business days of the date an offer is accepted.

You cannot delay updating that status to pending because of sellers request, inspections, financing, etc...that is against the Rules and Regulations.  The only time a listing can have an accepted offer AND remain in the "Active" status in MLS, is if all parties have signed the "Contingent Sales Addendum Without Notice" or the listing is a short sale and the "Short Sale Addendum" has been completed.

6.  Do I have to disclose ownership interest in a property that I'm listing?

Yes, if you, as the Listing Agent, or any licensee affiliated with your office, own or own interest in a property you must disclose that ownership in the MARKETING remarks.  NOTE: Since it is a requirement by law and by the Code of Ethics to disclose such information, entry of such disclosure into the Marketing remarks is required.

7.  When does a listing need to be withdrawn?

Anytime that a property will not be available for showings for more than 3 consecutive days, then the property status must be changed to withdrawn and a completed Conditional Withdrawal form sent to MLS.